Guide to Making Money in Fandom Art

アヌビス | TE Anubis

Making money with art in fandom is a practice as old as fandom itself. But the line between "doing okay" and true success has always been their business sense. It's the difference between making some extra income each month and actually making a living from your art. And that divide is growing wider every day.

As a business consultant to artists, I've developed a collection of strategies, tactics, and best practices that I share with my clients and artist friends and created a guide. This is a guide for artists in fandom spaces who are serious about making at least a decent supplemental income from their art.

You'll learn:
-How to determine your terms of service
-How to get your current customers to bring you more customers
-How exactly to determine your commission prices
-How to work with businesses as an artist

And more!

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You'll get the PDF Guide to Making Money in Fandom Art

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28 pages
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